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Just sitting around doing nothing lately. Reading on 18th century counterpoint in classical music, studying chord voicings and arpeggios trying to memorize them all, and occasionaly taking notes of random thoughts that i find intersting or intriguing. Like that Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle and sleepy hollow seem to be inspired by Celtic folklore.

Yep... nothing much out of the ordinary. But little things like that, they add up. They add up, and in the end they make a big difference. And sometimes, it feels good to know about it. That's what i think anyway. Or, at least, it's what i choose to put my faith in. In the reconstruction of my soul. If not at least in the mending of it's wounds. All of this while doing my best to stay true to who i am fundamentally. As it oughta be.

I'll regret little things like this. I'll regret ever writing this without thinking too much about it. It's because of the sneaky treachery of letting this temporary emotion guide my words as i write. It's also because of the damage that lingers in the aftermath of hurtful events. And i believe that there is a suffering more forgiving than the one brought forth by the cycles of evil. Even when it's hard not to feel indifferent to evil. And to look at what i thought was the truth in the face and declare that i was wrong. And that those who imposed these evils on me where also wrong. Because althought i feel that opinions are trivial, i also believe that they will add up. So to wrap it up i'll quote The Monkey's Paw and say " Be Careful what you wish for. You may receive it. ", because we've all heard this, and it sounds superstitious, but i believe that there is some wisdom behind it that may be useful to anyone who opens up to my little dissection of self-care.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.