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We'll snag the matchless they sway out of possession.
Shut doors of iron law may pry open, they'll see.
This integral praxis, abetting hearts' extant,
is crucial for a late upswing to make the cut.
What have we created?
Another warped old saw?
Asked, but didn't receive,
so reclaim it by force.
Lies clinging like cobwebs
accumulating dust.
Frail, they can be broken.
They're all hanging by threads.
Tumult of uprisings.
Disturbed by all that noise.
We must disconnect them
from the gains of our chores.



It's an abstruce lore retainded,
an arcane mythos forlorned.
Nix uncontaminated,
fixed beneath all the branches.
No one wants to hold their breath.
Impulsions are hardwired.
Inbound, dog-tired, and pining,
we tread the winding byways.


Hey, don't cry.
It's just fine.
Please hark my
offset sighs.
There is afterimage to salve and bane to descry.
Still, absolutions remanded tick a thousand tides.
Hear death rattles crepitate when zephyrs wheeze awry.
There is plague in the air and we're on the nether side.
Like a cluster of arrows that could smother the sun,
Needle rain spews from drab emerald ethereal scuds.
It's not the end of the world, it's the end of all life.
Ornaments and riches will sink into silts and sloughs …
and these, along with the bones of everything that ever was alive.

RaiSe DeaD FRoM SLeeP

Materialize about. Coextensive Moonlighters
clip me of my obstinate, despondent, torpid notes.
Invoke the serene wraiths that poise the meandering ruts.
Shock the perfidious moieties into submission.
Crude sophistication artlessness,
menial ideals,
substratal unrefined pulchritude,
all those we loved,
revenents of old from desolate nighttides,
and make-believe.
You'll find it reflects deep in your souls.
Raise dead from sleep.


There was naught hither off-center.
The commands scratched gushed upsurges
in this mechanized progression.
A creaking chassis holds its scant remains.
The wires carry frail currents.
The pulse engines seldom flicker.
Trickles of oil leak from ruptures.
Its carcass taints the soil where it decays.
It was erstwhile a god of destruction,
harnessing its energy from the steeds of revelation



Anent outright the abortive epithets availed,
particulars frame your exposed jagged canvases.
Clefts gushed aqueous serouses, stygian cascades.
Helpless, we heft in mind the flux of lurid currents.



Vacated indigent and edacious, withal but rustic backwash to swig from.
Snatched fleahouse leftovers was the swag slinked inside a hole in the wall during cold spells.
Light fingered to scantily survive and scratch crank bug bite scabs from cheap wire off scalps.
It's excommunicated lifeblood from its crux at its lowest points and bygones.
The empyrean lulling that pours oil on sapid dreams
got gods sucking out wraiths from a glass jigsaws' breaches.
I twigged errant at hyalines in dismal vales.
Clans ousted these slants with cant for acquiescent means.


You must have been subsisted a seraph deprived of its pinions.
A reverie, well-nigh a paragon of arrant erudition.
An overkill, circumscribed by cutoff points offtimes alluring
to the second-rate, lascivious junctures we frolic alive.
Longing is not entirely what we were animated for.
On hand it tallies to the intricacies of witching hours.
Fallible, I am debased and delimited by my stint here.
Enticed and unsettled from its lack and fullfilment substances.
Gash your film for me,
it's a noted scheme.
I'll feel secured when
snips impel to seep.
Bare your eyes,
your gleaming eyes.
Are you lavished and hale?


Nesting far cry from what is canonical.
Panaceas snare us into transfixions.
Ersatz adages, proleptical deaths feigned
on cusps of hysterias till blue in the face.
Come out of your ratholes.
Crawl out of these dugouts.
Now probe the uncharted.
Woe engulfs the reclused.

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